VIVISEKTIO, an unknown Finnish hardcore/peace punk band from the mid 80's. They were one of the world's northernmost punk bands in those days. Vivisektio hailed from the small village of Äkäslompolo in the northwest Lapland (Äkäslompolo is located about 130 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle), formed in the late 1983 (as Vendetta) before they split up in May 1986. In that time they managed to record a couple of poor quality demo tapes, but not released any records. They did only 8 gigs, the most notable was at Pietarsaari punk-festival 29.6.1985 with Kaaos, Terveet kädet, Rattus, W.D.M., Disarm, Massacre, Bastards and Kuolleet Kukat.

Vivisektio was one of the first Finnish punk bands with female members (Kirsi and Satu). They were also one of the first anarchopunk influenced bands in Finland.

Original members Pekka and Pena reformed Vivisektio in early 2008 with two new members. Their drummer, Miikka, has been involved in many Finnish hardcore bands like Totuus, Hässäkkä and Burn Again. Tumppi was singer of Jätesaha in the mid 90's.

Vivisektio's debut LP "1984" comes out in Finland (Roku Records) and in Germany (Höhnie Records) in May. LP contains many old re-recorded Vivisektio songs from 1983 - 1986. They are going to play some gigs in Sweden with Terveet Kädet in May.

Vivisektio still plays early 80's Finnish style hardcore thrash with British anarchopunk and American peacepunk influences. They still love bands like Kaaos, Lama, Terveet Kädet, Musta Paraati, Discharge, Conflict, Suhbhumans, Crass, Flux of the Pink Indians, Antisect, Amebix, Minor Threat, Crucifix, MDC and Diatribe.

Press-clip 1 (pdf) | Press-clip 2 (pdf)

Tumppi - vocals
Pekka - guitar
Pena - bass
Miikka - drums